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Babysitting rates

Unlike many agencies, at Kangaroo Carers you do not need to be a member to book a babysitter or care assistance. However, you can take advantage of reduced rates by becoming a member.

Simply pick up the phone and call us on 952 797 213 or email your booking request to us at enquiries@KangarooCarers.com.

Rates for members and non-members are shown below.

We charge one rate, 7 days per week with the exception of Bank/Public Holidays.

Non-Members Rate - 15.00 Euros per hour (10.00 per hour paid to babysitter and *5.00 Euros per hour booking charge).

Members rate - 13.50 Euros per hour (10.00 Euros per hour paid to babysitter and *3.50 Euro per hour booking charge).

For 2 families sharing babysitting (or a single family with more than 3 children):

Member 18.50 Euro (12.00 per hour to the carer)
Non Member 20.00 Euros (13.00 per hour to the carer)

Becoming a member

For an annual membership fee of 55.00 euros you will be able to access our network of experienced babysitters and carers at a reduced hourly rate.

Take a look at the benefits of joining:

1. Reduced hourly agency fees
2. Guaranteed babysitter or carer - give us 14 days notice and we guarantee a Babysitter or your next booking is FREE!*
3. 7 bookings for the price of 6! Quite simply, your 7th booking fee will be paid by Kangaroo Carers.
4. Choose the carer of your choice! With a huge register of quality carers, if you are part of the membership network you can choose your preferred babysitter/Carer.
5. Recommend a Friend - if a friend of yours joins as a member, your next booking fee will be paid by Kangaroo Carers.
6. Discounts on Kangaroo Carers Out-Of-School Holiday Clubs.
7. Enjoy additional discounts on many other products and services, featured in our periodic Kangaroo Carers News

By becoming a member, your family will have access to experienced and fully vetted babysitters for only 55.00 euros per year. Our annual membership costs £55 paid as a one off fee for 12 months. Every time you book a babysitter, you will only pay 2 euros per hour for the agency fee instead of our standard agency fee rate of 3.50 euros per hour, giving you a saving of 1.50 euro per hour (minimum of 4 hours per booking).

*Kangaroo Carers cannot accept responsibility for carers cancelling at the last minute or not turning up to a booking. In the unlikely event that a babysitter does not turn up, every effort will be made to find a replacement, however no guarantees can be made.

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