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Babysitting, Home Care and Childrens Activities
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Elderly Help and Home Care

There are times in our lives when everyone needs some help in the home, whether it’s caring for young children or caring for a sick, infirm or frail member of the family.

No matter what your home care requirements may be, we can assist in delivering quality home care services to make your life easier.

Only professionals specifically trained and experienced in the industry are selected to provide our customers an exacting definition of the standard of care.

The list is almost endless but here are just a few examples: -

Families/Carers requiring respite from caring duties
Seniors & older adults who need domestic or personal assistance
People with Dementia & Alzheimer & their families
Individuals convalescing from illnesses
Terminally ill people who may require a little or a lot of care
Adults with disabilities or learning difficulties
Parents with children
Families juggling many duties and responsibilities – elderly parents, young children, jobs and the home
Customers in their 50’s & 60s “sandwiched” between ageing parents adult children & grandchildren.

Companionship Services
We offer companionship & conversation
Provide Night and Daytime Sitting Services
Meal Planning & Diet Monitoring
Assist with Morning Wake Up
Assist With Good Night Tuck in
Book, Novel & Poetry Reading
Share Afternoon Walks & Exercises
Assist with Letter/Card Writing
Assist with Payment of Bills, Arranging Receipts
Appointment Reminders
Play Board/Card Games
Stimulate Mental Awareness
Participate in Hobbies & Crafts
Escort to Appointments
Accompany to Lunch or Dinner
Attend Clubs, Plays, Concerts or Sporting Events
Plan Visits, Outing & Trips, Social & Leisure Activities
Attend Religious Services & Events
Assist with Travel Arrangements
Provide Holiday Escort or Companion
Purchase Newspapers, Magazines & Books
Assist with Entertaining

Personal Care Services
Assist Getting Up, Washing, Bathing or Dressing
Assist with Toileting, Shaving & Hairdressing
Respite/Convalescence Care
Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care

Home Help Services
Provide Light Housekeeping
Drop off/Pick up Dry Cleaning
Pet Care
Make Beds & Change Linen
Answer the Door / Oversee Home
Houseplant Care
Supervise Home Maintenance
Pick up Prescriptions
Plan, Prepare & Tidy Away Meals
Grocery Shopping / Clothes Shopping
Washing & Ironing

Kangaroo Carers - safe, professional and quality care for all the family!

We are constantly looking for high quality care professionals from all sectors of the care industry, if you would like additional information visit our "Be a Carer" page.

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