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Child Activities

Do you dread the school holidays? Do you struggle getting time off work?

As a parent, the last thing you want to hear is your child telling you they are bored, and its still 6 weeks school holiday left.

Kangaroo Carers operate activities throughout the school holidays that are tailor made to keep boredom at bay and reassure parents that they don’t have to take time-off unnecessarily. Our programmes not only ensure your child will be cared for by trained professionals but they will benefit from fantastic and fun-filled activities throughout the school holdays.

With a history in the care industry and with responsible professionals, more often than not parents themselves, we understand how to stimulate and care for children of all ages. We have a range of activities for children aged from 4 yrs– 14 yrs that take place here on the Costa del Sol.

Kangaroo Carers - safe, professional and quality care for all the family!

We are constantly looking for high quality care professionals from all sectors of the care industry, if you would like additional information visit our "Be a Carer" page.

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